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Rides 13-14-15/15 By bike from France via Luxembourg towards the finish line in Belgium. (S1:E10)

On Wednesday, August 4, the time had come. On arrival of my 15th and last ride to Buggenhout, I was pleasantly surprised by family and friends. Coming home in such a way after 18 days and 2831 kilometers on the bike moved me enormously. I have received messages from many people on the Cycling Adventure 15 social media which has supported me enormously. I might not have been able to do it without all that support. Thank you very much for that.

Cycling Adventure 15 (CA15) is my path of personal growth with which I want to inspire people to develop their own path of personal growth in this rapidly changing world.

After so many days on the road alone, I realized more than ever how valuable my family and friends are to me. They are the most precious thing there is to me. That thought and feeling were reaffirmed on my last ride of S1. It became one to never forget.

Together with my good friend Sven and his girlfriend Nele, we left after a hearty breakfast at B&B Maison Jules in Saint-Ode. I didn't think I would be in such good shape physically after a series of very hard rides.

On the way, I was suddenly startled by a car with a few men in it who were shouting loudly. And then I saw that it was my good friends Kris, Jurgen and Ward. They stopped a little further to the side and arranged for supplies. I didn't expect this at all. What a surprise. It made me emotional to see them like that again.

Because I was in good shape and had the urge to drive a little faster on the last day, our average speed at one point was 29 km/h. Apparently Sven and the home front hadn't counted on that. We'd be home too early that way. And the surprise at my house would be compromised. Whereupon Sven and Nele pulled out the box of tricks to lose time so that we wouldn't arrive before 17 pm. Nele's calves hurt, Sven had bumped his leg against something. Stopping several times for a sanitary stop, craving for pancakes and ice cream and you name it. I didn't know Sven and Nele could act so well.

But their plan worked and just after 17 pm we drove into Buggenhout where family and many friends were waiting for me. They had specially made a banner. After greeting everyone, the party started in our garden. I was glad my friend Karmeliet was there.

It was a super day that I will never forget. Thank you very much to everyone for that.

During stage 13 I drove along beautiful bike paths through the Vosges towards Moussey. A true cycling paradise for cycling enthusiasts.

In Moussey I spent the night in a beautiful B&B. The only snack bar in the area was 4 kilometers away. That's why I decided to pass by that snack bar after the ride to eat first. Eating right after the ride turned out to be a bad idea. I suddenly became unwell. But the friendly people at the snack bar offered to pack the food so I could try again in the evening. I explained to them about the CA15 concept and where I had started with the bike on July 18th. Out of enthusiasm and to encourage me, they offered me the meal for free. Thanks for that nice gift!

I will remember stage 14 mainly because of the bad weather. From morning to evening the rain fell in torrents from the sky. At that moment there is only one option and that is to keep cycling so as not to get cold. I certainly did not have heated feet at that time.

After 2831 kilometers with 32779 altimeters I have completed my S1. It was a fantastic experience that I had hoped for. I have met many people and have been able to think a lot. What I noticed is that I had a lot of energy. Exercising in healthy air, eating healthy, not drinking alcohol and not reading emails, social media or news have had a very positive effect on me.

This first season was a test season for me. And the test was more than successful. There will definitely be a second season. I will leave next summer for another 2700 kilometers towards Norway. More details to follow.

Some figures from stage 13 (Besançon to Moussey):

  • Maximum temperature: 36° C
  • Average temperature: 17° C
  • 221 total number of km
  • 2246 vertical meters
  • 171 average wattage
  • 94 average heart rate
  • 22,2 km / h average speed
  • 65 km / h maximum speed
  • 9:58 am by bike
  • 12:25 am on the way
  • Burned 6903 Cal

Some figures from stage 14 (Moussey to Saint-Ode):

  • Maximum temperature: 21° C
  • Average temperature: 14° C
  • 223 total number of km
  • 2460 vertical meters
  • 185 average wattage
  • 95 average heart rate
  • 21,8 km / h average speed
  • 52,5 km / h maximum speed
  • 10:13 am by bike
  • 11:14 am on the way
  • Burned 7726 Cal

Some figures from stage 15 (Saint-Ode to Buggenhout):

  • Maximum temperature: 27° C
  • Average temperature: 18° C
  • 196 total number of km
  • 1761 vertical meters
  • 250 average wattage
  • 120 average heart rate
  • 28,5 km / h average speed
  • 60 km / h maximum speed
  • 6:51 am by bike
  • 9:09 am on the way
  • Burned 6815 Cal
    Martin Verreydt
    Aug 8 2021
    6: 03pm

    Nice performance, Bart! Much respect for this project.

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