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Personal growth starts with awareness

My path of personal growth

The rapidly changing world will have a huge impact on people's well-being, both professionally and personally, in the coming decades. I am convinced that continuously developing a path of personal growth will be necessary for people to meet this great challenge.

In this section “Grow along in a fast-changing world” I would like to share my experience and I want to inspire people to invest time in their growth path, both on a personal and professional level.

Developing a growth mindset is an important tool against the rapidly changing world.

A path of personal growth will have a different meaning for everyone. When I talk to people about a path of personal growth, I often hear the connection with enjoying life, taking time off, going on vacation. To me this means much more than that. A path to me means the path I walk to grow. At any time, my path can take a different direction with different elements that I focus on through the insights I gain.

My journey of personal growth started with an awareness of the importance of the growth mindset. The psychologist Carol Dweck has spent years researching the difference between people with a static mindset and people with a growth mindset. Carol Dweck argues in her research that achieving results in all areas largely depends on the strength of our growth mindset and to a lesser extent on the underlying talent. In her book 'Mindset' she states that people with a static mindset who feel good about it can safely continue with this. I personally believe that people with a static mindset have a much greater chance that their professional and personal well-being is affected by the world that is changing faster in all areas. I am convinced that developing a growth mindset will be an important tool against this rapidly changing world.

I want to work hard in the coming months to boost my energy level

During my first season (S1 Europe Spain/France 2021 ) I have thought a lot about the most important aspects of my personal growth that I will have to devote time to in the coming months.

During the 18 days of S1 traveling alone, I realized how important my family is to me. It seems like a cliché, but I have thought about this a lot. I have resolved to perpetuate this awareness.

And not only my family but also the importance of family and real friends. I will never forget my return from S1. I felt real friendship and affection in that moment. It had been a long time since I was this moved. I have always tried to pay attention to family and friends. I will undoubtedly continue this attitude.

Another aspect that I have experienced is the large amount of energy I had every day to start the heavy bike ride on a daily basis. Undoubtedly there is a link with the way I have lived: no alcohol, no coffee, enough sleep, up early, a healthy environment, no news and social media followed and no emails handled. I want to work hard in the coming months to boost my energy level by applying the same way to a great extent.

What is your way of arming yourself against the rapidly changing world?

Thinking about the following questions may be helpful to you:

  • What kind of mindset do you have yourself? The static mindset or growth mindset? And which mindset do you want to develop?
  • Are you convinced that the rapidly changing world will have an impact on your life? And what is your idea of ​​how to arm yourself against it?

It is normal if you cannot immediately formulate an answer. It is important that you take your time and do this uninhibitedly at a quiet moment. I'm curious what you think about it!